9 Common Twin Flame Runner Characteristics And Traits

Have you ever met someone who made you feel like you’ve known them your whole life? Someone who you connected with on such a deep level that it was almost spiritual? If so, there’s a good chance that was your twin flame. Your twin flame is your soul’s counterpart, the yin to your yang, the mirror of your soul.

While finding your twin flame can be an incredible experience, it often comes with challenges. One of the most common is when your twin flame runs away from the connection. The intensity of your bond and the depth of your feelings for each other can be terrifying for some. So they retreat into themselves and run from the relationship.

What Is A Twin Flame Runner?

A twin flame runner is the partner in a twin flame relationship who “runs” from the intensity of the connection. They tend to be emotionally unavailable and struggle with vulnerability and intimacy.

Common Characteristics And Behaviors of Twin Flame Runners

If you’ve met your twin flame, there’s a good chance they ran from the connection. Twin flame runners, also known as the chasers, tend to exhibit some common characteristics.

Intense Chemistry

The chemistry and connection between twin flames is extremely intense for the runner, so they run to escape the depth of emotions it brings up. The runner feels overwhelmed by the strength of feelings for their counterpart.

Unable To Commit

Runners struggle with commitment to their twin flame and have a hard time envisioning a long-term relationship. They live very much in the present moment, unable to commit to a future together.


Runners will often sabotage the relationship to avoid intimacy and push their twin flame away. They create chaos, drama, and conflict as a way to keep distance in the relationship.

Fear of Intimacy

Twin flame love is intense, and that level of intimacy and vulnerability can be terrifying for some. The runner fears losing their independence or sense of self in the relationship.

Emotional Unavailability

Runners tend to struggle expressing their feelings and have a hard time opening up to their twin flame counterpart. They bury their emotions to avoid dealing with them. Need for control. Runners feel an overwhelming loss of control in the presence of their twin flame, so they run to regain their sense of control and independence.

Avoiding Spiritual Growth

A twin flame union often sparks massive spiritual awakening and personal growth. The runner resists this process and the changes it requires. They cling to old beliefs and habits.

Commitment Issues

Whether due to past hurts or a desire for freedom, the runner struggles with commitment and may see relationships as constraining or threatening. They have a hard time opening up or trusting another person completely.

Ego-Driven Behaviors

The runner’s ego fuels their resistance to the twin flame connection. They allow fear, doubt and selfishness to control their actions instead of following their heart. This often leads to impulsive choices and hurtful behavior towards their twin.

Hot And Cold Tendencies

The runner may pull you in one moment and push you away the next. They blow hot with affection and intimacy, then go cold by withdrawing or cutting off contact with no explanation. These fluctuations are a result of their inner struggle between love and fear.

How To Deal With Your Twin Flame Runner

Dealing with a twin flame runner can be difficult and painful. A few things that might help you through it:

Give Them Space

The best thing you can do is give your twin flame runner space. Do not chase after them or bombard them with calls and messages. As hard as it is, respect their need for distance and allow them the time to work through whatever issues caused them to run. Pushing them will likely only cause them to retreat further.

Take this time to focus on yourself. Do things that make you happy and keep your mind occupied like spending time with supportive friends, engaging in hobbies, exercising, meditating, or pursuing your passions. The more you focus on yourself, the less painful their absence will feel.

Set Boundaries

If your twin flame runner does reach out, set clear boundaries to protect yourself. Let them know their behavior is hurtful while also expressing your care and desire for them to heal and return. Be open to reconciliation but do not allow them to string you along or continue running without consequence.

Seek Closure If Needed

If your twin flame is gone for good, you may need to seek closure on your own. Have an honest conversation with them about ending the relationship and express what you need to find peace. If they are unwilling to provide closure, find ways to close that chapter yourself through journaling, art, music, talking to others, or a symbolic act like burning old letters or donating shared items.

The pain of separation from your twin flame can feel unbearable but focusing on self-care and maintaining your own emotional health will help ease the anguish over time. Have hope that as you both grow, your twin flame will return when the time is right.

Final Words

If you’ve encountered a twin flame runner, know that their behavior says more about them than you. Don’t chase them or beg them to change. Focus on your own growth and healing. When you’ve found inner peace, your twin flame is more likely to come around. But even if they don’t, you’ll be in a much better place. This journey is about you, not them. Stay strong in yourself and keep walking your path. The universe will handle the rest.