When The Twin Flame Chaser Blocks The Runner: Why It Happens

So you finally got fed up with the push-pull of your twin flame connection and decided to block them. Good for you—you’re taking back your power and protecting your energy.

Blocking a twin flame is never an easy decision, but sometimes it’s necessary for your own well-being and growth. Your twin may be the “runner” who keeps pulling away and hurting you, while you’ve been left behind desperately chasing after them, trying to make the connection work.

The Twin Flame Chaser And Runner Dynamic

The twin flame chaser and runner dynamic is a push-pull relationship familiar to many in the twin flame connection. As the label suggests, the chaser anxiously pursues the runner, who avoids intimacy and commitment. This hot and cold behavior can be frustrating, but there’s a reason the chaser feels compelled to block the runner.

When emotions become overwhelming, the chaser’s instinct is to protect themselves. Blocking the runner is a way to gain control over chaotic feelings and establish boundaries. It allows the chaser space to process the intensity of the connection and better understand their needs and desires.

Blocking the runner also motivates them to change avoidant behaviors. By withdrawing attention and affection, the chaser hopes the runner will realize what they stand to lose and become more available and engaged. This strategy doesn’t always work, but when it does, the runner begins to open up and the dynamic stabilizes into a healthier, more balanced partnership.

Of course, blocking is a last resort. The chaser would rather have an open and honest conversation about the issues, express how the runner’s distance makes them feel, and try to find a compromise. But when communication breaks down, and emotions run high, blocking may seem like the only option to regain control and encourage the runner to shift their perspective.

For the chaser, blocking the runner is a bold move that goes against their natural instincts. But by standing up for their needs, the chaser begins to break free of old patterns and step into their power. Though initially painful, blocking often leads to greater understanding and progress in the twin flame relationship.

Emotional Pain

When the twin flame chaser blocks the runner, it often comes from a place of emotional pain. The intensity of a twin flame relationship brings up powerful feelings and emotions that can be overwhelming. The chaser may block the runner because the chase has become too much to handle. The emotional turmoil of wanting to reunite with their twin flame but struggling to do so causes inner conflict and stress. Blocking the runner can provide temporary relief from these intense emotions.

The highs and lows of the twin flame dynamic push both people to their emotional limits. The chaser may block the runner as a way to protect themselves from feeling more pain and rejection. Constantly pursuing someone who seems to pull away can be emotionally exhausting. Taking a break from communication by blocking the runner gives the chaser time to process their emotions and regain a sense of stability. The chase may have become unhealthy and all-consuming, and blocking provides a boundary that is needed.

In the end, the chaser blocks the runner as an act of self-preservation. The emotional pain of the chase becomes too much to bear, and they need distance in order to heal and recharge. Blocking in this context is a way for the chaser to regain control over their emotions and find peace within themselves again.

Loss of Trust

After repeated cycles of coming together and breaking apart, the chaser may lose trust in the runner and the relationship. They realize the runner isn’t ready and may never be, so they block them to avoid getting hurt again.

Need For Self-Protection

Constantly chasing and being rejected by the runner takes an emotional toll on the chaser. Blocking is a way for the chaser to protect themselves by avoiding contact with someone who makes them feel anxious, unworthy or unloved.

Desire For The Runner To Experience Loss

In some cases, the chaser blocks the runner out of a desire for the runner to miss them and experience the loss the chaser has felt for so long. The chaser hopes blocking will spur the runner into action to win them back.

Attempt To Move On

The chaser knows they have to move on from this painful dynamic, so they take blocking the runner into their own hands as a way to force themselves to break free from the connection. It’s the chaser’s attempt at gaining closure when the runner won’t provide it.

My Advice

Whatever the cause, being blocked or rejected by your twin flame chaser can be confusing and hurtful. After all, you’ve been pursuing this soulmate connection, only to have the other twin withdraw. Try not to take it personally, though. More often than not, a chaser becoming a runner is a sign of internal turmoil within that twin, not a reflection of how they truly feel about the connection.

The best thing to do is give your twin space while remaining open and loving. Send a quick message letting them know you’re there for them without pressure, then step back. Use this time for growth of your own or doing things you truly love. Work on releasing any attachment or codependency you have around the connection.