Aquarius Moon Man In Bed: His Secret Desires Revealed

An Aquarius moon man oozes charm and intellect, always keeping you on your toes with his clever jokes and spontaneous adventures. But behind closed doors, the Aquarius moon man has a kinky side he often keeps hidden.

He craves excitement and new experiences, especially in the bedroom. Routine and predictability bore him to tears. If you want to keep an Aquarius moon guy interested for the long haul, you’ll need to tap into his secret desires. Prepare to experiment, push boundaries, and never stop exploring all the delicious ways you can pleasure each other. The Aquarius moon man wants a lover who intrigues him endlessly.

His Detached Yet Adventurous Nature

The Aquarius moon man lives in his mind, so he can seem detached in bed. His adventurous side means he’s open to experimenting, though.

This man craves intellectual stimulation. Engage him in deep conversations about current events, philosophy, or whatever topics interest him. His mind is his biggest erogenous zone, so sexting or reading erotica together can really turn him on.

A Lover of Freedom And Independence

He values his freedom and won’t be tied down. Reassure him that you respect his need for independence. Surprise him with a quickie before he rushes off to yet another social engagement. When you do have his full attention, appreciate how much he lives in the moment.

While not overly emotional, he expresses affection through quality time, acts of service, and physical touch. Run a bubble bath, give him a massage with scented oil, or cook his favorite meal. He’ll reciprocate in his own detached yet caring way.

In bed, suggest new positions or locations to keep things exciting. This man loves the unconventional and taboo. Role play different fantasies or use sex toys to stimulate his mind and body. His detachment means he’s less focused on your pleasure, so speak up about what you need. Guide him in how to touch you, and he’ll eagerly follow your lead into new sensual territory.

Pleasing An Aquarius Moon Man Sexually And Emotionally

To please an Aquarius moon man in bed, you’ll need to stimulate him mentally and emotionally. He craves adventure, excitement and experimentation.

Feed His Intellect

Discuss your fantasies together and try role playing different scenarios. Read each other erotic stories or act out scenes from movies. Debate controversial topics or philosophize about life’s big questions. An Aquarius moon gets turned on by what’s going on in his head.

Give Him Space

Although experimental, an Aquarius moon man values his independence. Don’t be clingy or make constant demands on his time. Have your own interests and give him space to pursue his. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so periodically do your own thing. He’ll miss you and come back recharged.

Keep Things Interesting

Routine bores an Aquarius moon stiff. He likes to try new positions, locations, and sex toys. Watch porn together or take a pole dancing class. Book a weekend at an adults-only resort or go on a sex-themed vacation. Variety is the spice of life for this moon sign.

Stimulate His Body And Soul

This man wants a spiritual and emotional connection during sex. Gaze into his eyes, kiss slowly and sensuously. Give him a tantric massage with essential oils. Tantalize all his senses in creative ways. Make love in natural settings like the beach under the night sky. Help him transcend the physical and open up to bliss.

Try New Experiences Together

An Aquarius moon craves new adventures and intellectual connections. Plan trips to places you’ve never been, take up a hobby you both enjoy, read books together and discuss them, or engage in lively debates about current events. Sharing new experiences together bonds you and gives you more to talk about, which an Aquarius moon thrives on.