Here’s How Long Will An Aries Man Ignore You

So you’ve found yourself in the crosshairs of an Aries man’s anger, and now he’s giving you the cold shoulder. The hot and fiery ram is known for his short temper and ability to hold a grudge. You’re left wondering how long his silent treatment will last and what you can do to get back in his good graces.

Here’s the thing. There’s no set timetable for how long an Aries man will stay mad. His anger tends to flare up quickly but also burns out fast. However, the more you push him or try to make him talk before he’s ready, the more he may dig in his heels.

When He Will Stop Ignoring You

If an Aries man has started ignoring you, it likely won’t last too long unless you’ve done something to seriously upset him. Aries men are known for being impulsive and quick to act on their emotions, both positive and negative. While they can be hot-headed and quick to anger, they also cool down fairly quickly.


It may only take days if it was something small, such as a disagreement or a small argument. Aries men tend to be impulsive and passionate, so when they get upset, they may need time to cool down before discussing things rationally.

If the issue was minor, an Aries man’s fiery nature means he will likely get over it quickly and move on. He may just need some space to process his emotions before reengaging. Aries ignores people when he is angry, frustrated or hurt, but once he has had time to reflect, he will likely reach out again.

So if the reason for the silence was a simple argument, it may only take a few days for an Aries man to make contact once more. Or perhaps he is just busy with work, hobbies or other commitments and has not had a chance to speak with you.


If you had an argument or disagreement, an Aries man may need time to cool down before he can talk rationally. Their tempers can flare up quickly, so they remove themselves from the situation until their emotions are more under control.

Also, if you said or did something that really upset an Aries man, he may decide to give you the silent treatment as a punishment. He may feel you deserve some time to think about what you did wrong and how to make it up to him. Only when an Aries man decides you have learned your lesson or he feels ready to forgive will he break his silence and communicate with you again. So it can definitely take weeks in some situations for an Aries man’s cold shoulder to thaw.


If an Aries man feels betrayed or like his trust has been broken, he may ignore you for an extended period as a way to punish you. The silence can be deafening as he gives you the cold shoulder and refuses to communicate. This is especially true if he feels you have disrespected him in some way or damaged his ego. He will need time to recover his pride and regain his composure before engaging with you again.

The months-long silent treatment allows an Aries man to regain a sense of control and power in the situation. He feels that by ignoring you, he is demonstrating that he cannot be manipulated or taken for granted. Eventually, he will work through his anger and feelings of hurt, and be ready to talk things through and move forward. But during that time in between, be prepared for the cold shoulder and lack of communication as he processes his emotions and decides if the relationship is worth salvaging.


When you do something that deeply hurts or offends them, they will ignore you forever. Aries men are very prideful and have a fiery temperament, so being wronged in a major way can cause them to shut down emotionally.

Some reasons an Aries man may cut contact completely include:

  • Cheating on him or betraying his trust in a major way
  • Constantly arguing and fighting
  • Not respecting his independence
  • Criticizing or belittling him

So, how long will an Aries man ignore you? It all depends on what happened and how upset he is. If it’s over a minor disagreement or misunderstanding, he will likely stop ignoring you within a day or two as his fiery temper subsides. He may reach out to you to talk things through and resolve the issue. As an Aries, he doesn’t want negative emotions or tension lingering for too long.