Five Telltale Signs A Taurus Man Is Talking To Another Woman

As an earth sign, Taurus men are generally stable and loyal, but they can also be stubborn and prone to indulgence. If your Taurus man has been acting differently recently, it could be a sign his eye has started to wander. But before you jump to conclusions, check for these signs a Taurus man may be talking to another woman.

He Becomes Distant

He’s suddenly nowhere to be found. The Taurus man who used to call you daily and want to spend all his free time with you now barely has a minute to talk.

All of sudden, he is “swamped with work” or has a never-ending list of errands to run. The guy who once made you his top priority now can’t seem to find the time for you. This behavior change can be a sign that another woman has caught his eye and is taking up his attention.

If your Taurus man shows signs of becoming distant and less affectionate, don’t ignore them. Have an honest conversation about your relationship and what you both want. His reaction may reveal whether there’s another woman impacting your connection.

His Routine And Schedule Change Suddenly

If his usual routine suddenly changes, it could be a sign he’s talking to someone else behind your back.

  • He starts working later or earlier. If he’s never worked weekends before and now he’s there every Saturday, something’s up.
  • He’s hard to reach or not answering calls. If he used to always pick up and now he’s screening calls or not answering at all, it could be because he’s with another woman.
  • His excuses seem off. If the reasons he gives for the changes in his routine don’t quite add up, he may be hiding the real reason from you.

Don’t ignore the signs that his normal behavior has changed. Have an open and honest conversation with your Taurus man to find out where his head and heart are at. The truth may hurt, but it’s better than being left in the dark.

He Starts Making Excuses To Avoid Spending Time Together

When a Taurus man begins finding reasons not to see you, it’s a sign he may have eyes for someone else. Taurus men are straightforward and honest, so his excuses probably won’t seem legit. He may claim to be busy with work or tired from the gym, but if he wanted to be with you, he’d make it happen.

Rather than planning fun dates or romantic evenings in, he’s suddenly unavailable for video chats, always has an excuse for not calling or texting back right away, and proposes rain checks more often.

His interest seems to be waning, and spending less time together is a major red flag. Confronting him about this change in behavior and demanding an explanation could reveal if he’s involved with another woman. However, be prepared that he may not be fully truthful if he’s hiding something or someone else.

The signs are there, you just have to be willing to see them. A Taurus man deeply devoted to his partner makes the relationship a priority, so a lack of quality time and lame excuses are clues that he may have feelings for another woman competing for his attention and affection.

He Is Less Talkative

Taureans are usually very open and chatty with their partners, eager to share details of their day and life with you. If he starts being vague, dismissive or avoids answering your questions directly about where he’s been or who he’s talking to, this could indicate he’s hiding something – or someone.

Taurus men don’t like confrontation, so he may be evasive in his answers to avoid an argument or difficult conversation with you about what he’s really up to. Pay attention if the level and frequency of communication drops off, especially if he used to always call or text you throughout the day and now he’s hard to reach or not initiating contact as often.

Lack of communication and emotional intimacy are warning signs that he may have redirected his attention and affection elsewhere. Don’t immediately assume the worst, but have an open conversation with your Taurus man about your relationship and what you both want.

He Starts Working Out or Eating Less

If your Taurus man suddenly starts hitting the gym more often or cutting back on eating, he may be trying to impress another woman. These men are sensual beings and place a high value on physical pleasure – both giving and receiving. If he’s started focusing a lot more on his appearance and body, it could be to attract romantic attention from someone new.

Rather than enjoying leisurely meals together, he seems to be watching what he eats and may say he’s “too busy” or not hungry when you suggest going out for dinner. These kinds of lifestyle changes out of the blue are red flags that he’s putting effort into his looks for someone else’s benefit.

Don’t Immediately Jump To Conclusions

Before confronting him, take a step back and look for multiple signs over time. Taurus men can be stubborn, so approaching him with accusations right off the bat will likely end badly. If, after observing him for a while, you still feel in your gut that something is off, have an open and honest conversation.

Express how his behavior makes you feel without attacking him. See how he responds – if he’s evasive or gets angry, that’s not a good sign. But if he reassures you and his actions back up his words, it may have been a false alarm. If after trying your best you still don’t feel right about the situation, you deserve to be in a trusting relationship where you feel heard and respected. Don’t settle for less than that.